Every time you go to a leads group, you introduce yourself, even if you already know everyone who’s sitting at the table. This gives you a great way to polish your introduction until it shines. To create your best introduction, consider what you want these professionals to know about you. What sets you apart from anyone else in your industry? Why will someone remember you?
The leads group introduction is different from the mixer introduction in that you’ll use your name, your company and specific feature and benefit all within “8” seconds.
Yes, 8 seconds. That’s the average adult attention span, and the more intelligent you are, the shorter the attention span is.
Where was I? Oh yes! When you introduce yourself at a meeting, you want to stimulate interest and stand out as being confident and professional. You want to create a lasting impression.
So to review introductions. “Hi, I’m Susie and I’m a bookkeeper” is how most people introduce themselves. A much better version is something more intriguing like, “If numbers are not your favorite pastime, let me keep you straight. I’m Susie and I’ll keep your books in order so you can spend your time creating more revenue!”
Basically, the difference is that you create a call to action. Make a statement that counts.