Take notes about what each person tells you about their business. You’ll want to refer to it when it comes time to generate leads. If you don’t, you won’t remember what was said an hour later. What do you think of each person’s introduction? What do you assume about the way they conduct their business?
This is a great way to begin character styles.  Look to see if they’re relaxed or stressed. If they’re relaxed, they are probably confident in themselves and their business. You can count on them pursuing the referrals you give them. If they’re stressed, it might be their first meeting or a bad day. Refrain from judging them or referring valued leads until you know them better. Do they look people in the eye? Most people can’t hide their insecurities well. It’s possible that with a little encouragement from you, they might increase their self-confidence. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be responsible for helping someone overcome their attentiveness or shyness?
Do they pay attention to each person? If they’re so busy shuffling papers to notice what others are saying, do you think they’re going to be adept at paying attention to the details of doing business with your valuable clients? Probably not!
You might be meeting your next best friend or strategic Power Partner, so pay attention to everything everyone has to say.
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