After a couple of months in Elite Leads, I began to introduce her to bankers whom I knew personally. I thought that if she could work with the loan officers, they could go about gaining new business rather than managing the funds on existing projects. It was sure to develop into win-win relationships.
A few meetings later, one of the bankers offered to take Deborah to the Builder’s International meeting. She met several developers during the evening, and she is now managing their construction funds.
Then a mortgage broker asked Deborah to attend their mortgage industry function. They were so receptive and supportive that she ended up sponsoring a program for the group. Deborah was able to present her company to all of the attendees which gave her even more visibility and credibility.
Nearly all of Deborah’s new business has come from thinking like a researcher. She has cleverly thought about all the industry-related individuals who are already working with her prospects and are capable of referring to her new business consistently. Now she can spend the bulk of her marketing efforts building long-term relationships.

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