Power Partners

Power Partners are a potent way to dramatically impact the quantity and quality of your leads and especially your referral quotant. The power of having relationships with other professionals is the difference between getting by and being a successful business venture.
Power Partnering is as pertinent to the growth of your business as the right plant food is to a tomato plant. With enough water (hard work and know how), your plant (company) will thrive rather than survive. If you feed your tomato plant regularly, you will get many more, much larger and far tastier tomatoes. Use Power Partners to grow your  business, and you will reach more potential clients easier and faster.
Within three months after I introduced the Power Partners concept to my business development organization, Elite Leads members in 1994, the number of leads that members shared with each other more than doubled at each meeting.
Increased profits are only a small aspect of the benefits. You become more creative, resourceful and you will have more fun. You will gain the satisfaction of serving your new clients and helping others learn about the resourceful services of your Power Partners.

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  1. I truly preferred Power Partners | Mixing it Up!. This involves looking at your organization and identifying what it’s that people would be likely find on Google that will be relevant to the products you sell.

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