Speaking on Cruises

I had a member of Elite Leads member asked if I would be interested in filling in for a speaker who wasn’t able to make it on a cruise.

It took me less than 30 seconds to tell her “sure!”

It was Tuesday and I went home and called the booking company on the east coast and they approved my presentation on the spot – because I was an author. The next day I had my tickets in my hands and showed up at the US Passport office in San Francisco. The truly amazing thing was there was a parking place right across the street.

They said I could come back on Friday afternoon and they’d have it ready for me. When I got back to Walnut Creek, I immediately started packing. Cruise attire in November was not that easy. I usually swap out my summer and winter wardrobes in September. So I managed to get nearly everything packed that night.

I drove back to SF on Friday afternoon and once again, there was a parking place right across the street. I was in and out of the office in less than 30 minutes.

I still had a few errands, but was ready to head to the airport at 10 pm for my midnight flight to Miami. There wasn’t a single glitch in the whole trip.

I showed up at the dock and they actually let me board three hours early since I was considered one of the crew. I was unpacked and ready to meet passengers by 3 pm.

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