Writing the Book

Writing this book took me more than two years of talking about it and then four and a half months to write it and get it printed. It seemed like a long time to me but many authors have gold me they took as much as two to ten years to finish their books.

I wrote the book by taking seven years of my newsletters and combining them into 15 chapters. It was nearly painful but 4 1/2 months and I had my book was in my hands.

Receiving the book was like giving birth. I was ecstatic and couldn’t stop picking it up and holding it, while staring at the cover. I was a published author. There were many people I’d known who always talked about publishing a book, but I didn’t know anyone who was actually an author.

The first person who read it was Lou Gernick. He was the the CEO of Midas Muffler. He told me if he read my book before starting the franchise it would have been a different business altogether. It was an amazing compliment.

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