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When you attend national training events, your awareness of the world expands incredibly. Your frame of mind sharpens, and you become more creative. You’ll get an opportunity to gain enlightening new perspectives to enhance your business operations and discover possibilities you’d never considered.

Some of the events I’ve attended are Debbie Allen’s 3-day Intensive training with 15 professional business speakers; Gove-Siebold Speaker’s Training; SpeakerMatch training; EntrepreneurDoctors, Bob Proctor and Gerry Robert’s Authors program and many other programs. Each one has helped me continue my education and make quality contacts that I’ve been able to create Joint Venture relationships.

The more often you participate in outside educational programs, the easier it will be for you to learn how to stay flexible in challenging situations. Also, you’ll get powerful positive reinforcement just from associating with others who believe in constantly improving their ability to be successful. For that one reason alone, great training programs are well worth their fees, regardless of the amount.

And just imagine your advantage is over competition who is probably not taking the time to update and improve their skills. In every economy, but especially at this time, we have to take advantage of every possible method of increasing our competitive advantage.