Continuing Education

Your limited reading time can actually be turned into an advantage. Reading or hearing about a new concept or a technique that has helped someone else be successful is just the first step in helping ourselves to utilize new knowledge. Often it takes two or three times of hearing or reading a concept before we can take action on it or implement it within our daily routine.

If you think about the few pages you read each day while you go about your business, you could digest a concept much better than if you’d read more pages but didn’t apply the concept at all.

I developed a lending library for the Elite members and began to tell them to, “use your drive time for prime time.” By listening to a business-related audio programs while they were driving to their appointments they were constantly being exposed to innovative concepts they apply to their business.

We had 350 books, cassettes and videos. I encourage members to check out material every month. One member checked out a new program every month. Within two years she was selling 60% of her entire company’s sales volume, even though there were three others in sales. We believe it was because she was constantly exposing herself to a multitude of educational concepts.

According to Brian Tracy, if you were to spend an hour a day, 5 hours a week, listening to an audio program, it would be the equivalent in time of attending college full time, because of condensed formatting. Imagine how much you could learn within a year of adhering to this pattern.

Videos are another great educational resources. Public and cable television stations offer business programs that you can be taped for viewing at your convenience.

Many video rental stores and public libraries offer a variety of business programs. At the public libraries, video rentals are free!