After the Show

After the Show

Sort business cards according to the possibility of whether you think they will do business with you. The best ones will be your hot prospects. Create a list of potential Power Partners who you’ll want to get to know, and those who you believe will never have a reason to do business with you or even refer someone to you. They might be retirees, students or business people who you don’t believe ever have any contact with your typical prospects or Power Partners.

Send a note, postcard or letter to anyone you think is a good prospect and even those that you’re not sure if would ever do business with you. Maybe they have a client that is looking for your service. If you don’t think you’ll have the time or always procrastinate on this kind of task, hire someone to do it.

Select the ten most ideal prospects and call them during the next two days. Set up meetings at their offices. Make sure you enter the names in your database. If you have to put the time on your calendar just to make sure it gets done, then at least you won’t waste the effort you’ve put into being at the show.

Before a week has gone by, make note of anything that you want to change before the next show and begin to implement the change. If your banner was too small, order a new one now. If your flyer didn’t instigate a response, hire a graphic designer to come up with a call to action flyer that you can use for the next show.


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