Sales Ratios

I made 22 dials that yielded 10 new guests and 6 new members. The ratios are better than any business I have ever done. The value in knowing my ratios is I can control my income. If I want to increase my income by 10% a month, I increase my call volume by 10%. Every business has a number. You merely have to establish what your number is.

Say you want to make $5000 a month. Now you know that to do this, you have to make 100 calls a month (100 divided by 20 [1 in 20] = 5 x $1000 = $5000 income). If it takes an average of an hour to make 20 calls, you’ll have to schedule five hours a month or an hour and-a-half a week to make the prospecting calls.

Once you know your ratio, keep track of it, if for no other reason than to learn how to control your income and keep it consistent. By using the ratio, you can establish how many interviews and presentations you need to make each week reach your targeted number of closes a month. After a while you’ll be able to pre-qualify prospects on the phone to reduce your ratio drastically.