Business Cards

Though I talked about tracking business cards during the Follow-up chapter, here are some reminders. Always sort your cards by their usefulness. Not all cards should be entered into your database. If you know you’ll never do business with the dry cleaner you just met, then file their card in your business card binder, for future reference, in the section pertaining to where you met them.

If you choose not to use a computer to track leads, use an index card system. Keep your cards in alphabetical order and have separate lists for each week’s efforts so you will be able to refer back to the list later on. Staple additional index cards to the original to keep all transactions pertaining to each client in one place.

I prefer to have high gloss 4-color business cards. I typically do not print on the back side as it is helpful to leave room for notes when someone meets you. One source I prefer is The charge $20 for 1,000, 2-sided, 4 color cards. The quality is always great and they are very fast in delivering the cards.