The Party’s Over

Most mixers are about an hour-and-a-half to two hours in length. If you’ve been up since 5 am, you might find that staying at a function until seven or eight at night is a bit wearing. Maybe an hour is more than enough time to spend meeting new contacts.
If you become anxious to make your exit and you find that you are suddenly too tired to care that you’re at the event, there a couple of things you want to do before you take your leave.
First, find one of the hosts and thank them for the event. Make a comment about how you enjoyed the evening. Go out of your way to be remembered positively.
If a particular business hosted the event, be sure to thank them and tell them how you enjoyed getting to know about their business.

Always leave before you get too tired.

Refer to Chapter 11 on keeping a Victory Log and enter the event, what you experienced and specific relationships you feel you might be able to develop as a result. Especially if there is a particularly interesting account of the evening. If there were challenges, make sure you write about it. This practice will help you decide how to address the situation if it ever comes up again.