Follow Up

If you’ve promised to refer your contacts to someone else, make sure you provide the necessary information or make the connecting call immediately.
Next, before your hot prospects get a chance to cool (or worse, be grabbed up by a competitor), call the ones you feel have the most potential. After reminding them of how you met, share any details that will help them remember meeting you that will make it easier for them to be comfortable with you. Because you’ve already established good will in your initial meeting, they’ll probably either be ready to set up a meeting or they might suggest a better time to follow up on the matter.
After you’re through with that call, dial another. Again, you are either rewarded with a commitment to begin a working relationship or you’ll receive an invitation to call at a more appropriate time.
When you call promptly, you’ve made the most of that quick-to-dissipate good will that was generated during the event. You will position yourself well ahead of colleagues who wait weeks or months to call a new contact, or worse like the majority who never follow up on their leads. While you enjoy seeing your prospects grow warmer, theirs grow colder or disappear.