Getting Attached

If someone gets too comfortable talking with you, you run the risk that they will end up sticking to you like glue. Several years ago, I offered to drive a new member in Elite Leads to a mixer. Nancy was very nervous about attending the function. When we got there, I introduced her to several people, but every time I turned around, I literally bumped into her. After the fifth or sixth time, it became a bit irritating, because she actually stood directly  behind me. No matter how many people I introduced her to, she kept clinging to me.
I finally realized that it wasn’t comfortable for her to walk up to someone and start a conversation. I led her to an area that was fairly private and asked if she had tried to meet anyone. Of course she said no. I asked what she thought might be the worst thing that could happen, and she said that maybe they wouldn’t want to talk to her.
“On the outside chance that might happen, would you really want to know someone who wouldn’t want to talk with you?” I asked.
“No.” Nancy confirmed.
“On the other hand, if you don’t introduce yourself to someone and they’re potentially a Power Partner, you’d miss out on a great opportunity, wouldn’t you?”
“Sure,” she brightened.
“What if you could introduce them to someone that might end up leading to new business for them?”
Nancy smiled at the thought of being responsible for such a positive possibility.